PopUp Home / Minimal Housing and Urban Object

The PopUp Home is an experimental, architectural response to contemporary living conditions. Within a demanding society where flexibility, mobility and individualism are progressively shaping a novel form of housing we propose the foldable PopUp Home - easily transportable, affordable, full of variations and quick to set up. It is designed for short time usage during the summer months.

The longsome process of sculpturing usually needed to create a shelter turns into ephemeral magic. Instantly the PopUp Home offers a minimum of facilities to feel ubiquitously cosy at home.

Just unfold the plane and experience the effect of the transformation from the two to the three dimensional. According to your preferences furniture pops up unexpectedly in the interior and forms are being created autonomously. By popping out of the walls the furniture becomes instantly multifunctional.

The PopUp Home is offering multiple usages depending on the pattern of furniture. Possible alternatives are PopUp Chapel, PopUp Cinema, PopUp Kitchen, PopUp Meeting Room, PopUp Hotel and many more.

Location: Friedberg and Karlsruhe, Germany
Typology: Urban structure, Minimal shelter
Building area: 4 sqm
Status: realised
Team: Radostina Radulova STUDIOD3R and designer Sarah Philine Schneider, in collaboration with construction engineer Camille Hoffmann, Hoffmann Ingenieure Friedberg.
Year: 2011/2012