Binnengasthuis Reloaded Amsterdam

The design of the BGH-R A’dam is dealing with a mixed program of living and educational functions in relation with a gradation of public and semi-public spaces. The assignment is to design a 6.000 m² university lecture hall with conferencing facilities combined with 4.000 m² of dwellings for students and/or starters. Educational functions refer to different kinds of study areas, meeting rooms and lecture halls, and to collective facilities as a refectory or a cafeteria. Living functions integrate the building and aim to establish a 24-hours functioning urban setting.

Communication within such a hybrid building is one of the main criteria to which importance is attached to as well as to afford the opportunity of separating private from semi-public events. In order to achieve this the BGH-R A’dam is conceived as penetrated by voids, which create spaces that stimulate interaction within the building. The open spaces allow a visual and physical connection in various layers and levels.

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Typology: Educational institution
Building area: 6.000 sqm
Status: Conceptual design
Team: Deniza Radulova with STUDIOD3R
Year: 2008